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Health for All: Science and Innovation Week 2019 is 1st an annual conference organised by Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in cooperation with European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT Health). 

By bringing together reasearch leaders, innovators and business companies, we unite for the purpose to deliver new solutions for healther and longer lives. 

The conference will bring together students, residents, young scientists and PhD candidates to present the latest research findings, PITCH the most innovative ideas and get the latest novel technologies. This gathering provides a unique opportunity to explore the new horizons of partnerships, exchange ideas and seek progress through networking. This year we want to focus on an interactive formula to enable participants to take an active part in discussions, share their opinions and to note the key theses easily to undustrial partners, start-up teams and healthcare managers. 


Opening ceremony session

Prof. Vaiva Lesauskaitė

Vice-Rector for Research, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences


Prof. Renaldas Jurkevičius

General Director, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital Kauno Klinikos         


Vytenis Andriukaitis

European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety


Virginijus Sinkevičius

Minister of Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania


April 8th Opening Day

Gintaras Vilda

Vice-Minister of Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania


Prof. habil. dr. Valdemaras Razumas

Vice-Minister of the Ministry of the Education               


Daina Klepone has gained a comprehensive experience as a senior executive in leading multinational organisations and local projects across a wide range of different industries and markets. Before taking a lead of Enterprise Lithuania, she was known as general management professional with history of significant profit, volume, market position achievements and proven track record from successful turnarounds, transitions and brand developments, driven with focus on planning, implementation and achievement of budgets for sales, income and costs.

Daina Kleponė

Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania                           


Chief Scientist at Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology and Applied Informatics dept. manager at Vytautas Magnus university. Main research interests are language technologies, applications of AI in industry and defense, large scientific infrastructures.

Prof. Tomas Krilavičius

Chief Scientist, Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology


Brolis Semiconductors - founded in 2011 by three Vizbaras brothers, Brolis Semiconductors is a high-tech semiconductor photonics company developing cutting-edge beyond-state-of-the-art technology for healthcare, military and consumer markets.

Kristijonas Vizbaras

Co-founder of Brolis Semiconductors                               


CEO of the Ortho Baltic, is enterpreneur and researcher. After academic career in Kaunas University of Technology in the field of IT he shifted to business and founded Ortho Baltic in 2001 as manufactuter of custom made prosthetic-orthotic orthopaedic devices. In 2012 company have expanded its product portfolio with patient-specific implants and surgical guides. Gediminas Kostkevičius is author and co-author of 3 books, an invited lecturer at national and international conferences.

Gediminas Kostkevičius

CEO of the Ortho Baltic                             


Project manager, EU funds, technology transfer and innovation expert, experienced in education and R&D portfolio, social entrepreneurship coach and trainer, having deep understanding of international affairs and cooperation in cross-sectoral cooperation. Fields of expertise: supporting new ventures and start-ups in ICT and life sciences sector, IP management and strategic development.

Mikolaj Gurdala

EIT Health InnoStars Innovation and Regional Manager North Eastern Europe


Chiara Maiorino, PhD, is an expert in the Innovation Management in the Lifescience and Health sectors. In 2014, she started at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, attending exchange program at Southern Denmark University and National Institutes of. From 2016 to 2018 she has been the director of the China-Italy Technology Transfer Centre in Città della Scienza. Starting in February 2018, Chiara now is the Education Manager for EIT Health Innostars as well as Regional Manager for the South Europe.

Chiara Maiorino

EIT Health InnoStars Education Manager Regional Manager South Europe                                   


Dean of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences centre for postgraduate studies. Fields of interest in research and clinical practice: pre-malignant and cancer biomarkers, transplantology and chronic kidney diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, intestinal microbiota transplantation.

Prof. Juozas Kupčinskas 

Lithuanian Academy of Science                                      


Currently working for METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners as a patent consultant. He has Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering which allows him to consult local and international clients on patenting and invention protection questions as well as conduct patent searches and write articles about patenting trends and other inventions related topics.

Dr. Eugenijus Keras

Patent Consultant at METIDA                      


Works as a Patent examiner in the SPB since 2016. PhD in Biochemistry at Vilnius University in 2015. A co-author of one of the patented inventions.

Dr. Vita Kirilauskaitė

Expert at The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania


One of the co-founders of PROBIOSAN and SatiMed companies, as well as Vice President of the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association. For the past 7 years, he has been actively involved in the development of biotechnological start-up activities and the commercialization of technologies.

Tomas Andrejauskas 

Founding Partner at SatiMed                        


She has more than 10 years’ experience as innovation projects manager in Lithuania. She is working as chief specialist in Lithuanian governmental innovation funding agency MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology) at the Department of R&D&I Programmes and International Cooperation.

Daiva Keršienė

Chief specialist, Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA)


LINO LT project specialist @ Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office/Research Council of Lithuania Working area: 4 years experiences in R&D management & International Cooperation 2 years-pedagogical work experience Sonata is also a council member of the Lithuanian Society of Young Researchers (policy-oriented). Implements various international pilot activities. Enhancing scientific and entrepreneurial competence during PhD studies.

Sonata Juciutė

LINO LT project specialist, Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office in Brussels


April 9th International Doctoral and Resident Students Conference

His main research interests are in neurobiology and neuroimmunology. He has also conducted several large-scale campus-wide studies of problem-solving skills of students aimed at discovering the dynamics of this skill set in undergraduate students, as well as identifying instructional techniques effective at advancing this critical ability of students.

Prof. Andis Klegeris

Professor at the Department of Biology on the University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan Campus in Canada


Dr. Evaldas Padervinskis, an otorhinolaryngologist and oncologist (department of Otorhinolaryngology, Hospital of LSMU) is a very respected specialist in his field. His main interests are endonasal surgery of nasal cavity and sinuses, laser applications in oncology of the head and neck and reconstructive surgery of these particular areas.

Dr. Evaldas Padervinskis

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Otorhinolaryngologist


For many years, prof. Janina Petkevičienė has been working in the field of epidemiology and prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases. In 2019, prof. J. Petkevičienė together with other researchers from the University was awarded with Lithuanian Science Prize for the research work “Chronic Non-communicable Diseases: From Population to Genes".

Prof. Janina Petkevičienė

Department of Preventive Medicine and Institute of Health Research, Lithuanian University of Health Science


April 10th Young Scientists and Researchers' Conference (Day 1)

In 2013 I graduated from LSMU Veterinary Academy and now I'm studying for PhD. I had amazing internships in Denmark and Italy. In 2015 I have created my first publicly released innovation "Smart Patch", which was awarded as an invention of the year in Lithuania and was nominated for the invention of "Lithuanian Honor 2016". Same year I created my second innovation "Smart Collar Protecting From Drowning". These innovations have been successfully patented and started process of commercialization.

Tadas Juknius


April 11th Young Scientists and Researchers' Conference (Day 2)

Regeneracinės medicinos skyriaus vedėja, vyriausioji mokslų darbuotoja, medicinos mokslų daktarė. Domėjimosi sritys: žmogaus mezenchiminės kamieninės/stromos ląstelės, indukuotos pluripotentinės ląstelės; chondrogenezė ir metabolizmas; kalcio jonų kanalai; audinių regeneracijos tyrimai ir audinių inžinerija in vitro, naudojant tridimensines struktūras; kremzlė ir kiti sąnariniai audiniai; širdies laidžioji sistema; uždegimas; reumatinės ligos.

Dr. Eiva Bernotienė

State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine


April 12th Innovations for Health

Brolis Semiconductors - founded in 2011 by three Vizbaras brothers, Brolis Semiconductors is a high-tech semiconductor photonics company developing cutting-edge beyond-state-of-the-art technology for healthcare, military and consumer markets.

Dominykas Vizbaras

Brolis Semiconductors


Co-Founder of Oxipit - lithuanian startup applying artificial intelligence in Radiology. Resident doctor of Radiology, 4 years of experience in AI application for medical tasks, computer vision.

Naglis Ramanauskas



Lecturer is a group leader at the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology and co-founder of biomedical start-ups. Currently he is the CEO of the award winning research company Ferentis UAB. RV’s main competences and activities include molecular self-assembly, surface chemistry, biophysics, micro/nanofabrication for cell and tissue engineering and miniaturized bioanalytics. He has co-authored 37 publications and 3 international patents/applications.

Dr. Ramūnas Valiokas




He has developed and helped to implement winning marketing strategies for more than 50 businesses in different industries around the globe. His marketing manual for startups was featured on FORBES and highly evaluated by more than 30 international experts including CEOs of startup ecosystems, serial entrepreneurs, angel and VC investors.

Dr. Donatas Jonikas

Startup Marketing Supervisor

April 9th 16:30-18:00

For more than a decade Arturas Bulota has worked as an advertising and communication specialist. From designer, creative director to leading the largest creative agency in Kaunas. Throughout this time, Arturas has built a strong portfolio of creativity, image advertising, project management and management knowledge. Currently developing an international and co-working center “Talent Garden Kaunas”.

Artūras Bulota

Co-founder at Talent Garden Kaunas

April 10th 16:30-18:00

Partner and Fund manager LLP Business angels fund II & LLP Business angels fund I. D.Rakauskaitė, CFA, is a partner and fund manager of LLP Business angels fund I and LLP Business angels fund II (www.versloangelai.eu). Currently she is a chairwoman at Probiosanus UAB and Integrated optics UAB, board member at Ars Lab LTD and Gera dovana UAB.

Daiva Rakauskaitė 

Fund manager at LLP Business angels fund I/KŪB

April 11th 16:30-18:00



Attend panel discussions, roundtable discussions and interactive workshops and hear from inspiring speakers.


Take home new perspectives, ideas and plans for your organisation.


Network with new contacts and forge relations with key individuals in your field.


Learn about inspiring new products, services and innovations.


Explore how the revolution of healthcare delivery will have a significant impact.


Together we collaborate across borders to build strong links between students, residents, PhD Candidates, industry, researchers and innovators. This allows us to break down existing barriers, boost entrepreneurship, and help build a stronger health innovation ecosystem. Health for All 2019 provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of scientists to the world of knowledge and exchange of ideas and resources to support innovators success.