EIT Health is a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU. We deliver solutions to enable European citizens to live longer, healthier lives by promoting innovation. We connect the right people and the right topics across European borders, so that innovation can happen at the intersection of research, education and business – for the benefit of citizens.

Biomapas is a functional and full outsourcing solution provider to the global life science industry, with key expertise in Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. The company has significant presence across the CEE, Nordic and CIS countries thereby offering fast and reliable patient recruitment for Phase I-IV and medical device clinical trials, while regulatory and pharmacovigilance services are provided across 4 continents.


Aconitum – a fully integrated GMP, HACCP and HALAL certified pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Lithuania, EU. Company’s product portfolio consists of herbal medicines, food supplements, homeopathic medicines, veterinary products, biosimilars and generics. Aconitum is rated highly for its expertise in pharmaceutical field, quick and flexible team. Company’s R&D constantly develops new products in cooperation with European scientists. Partners in more than 61 countries worldwide trust Aconitum as their product development and manufacturing partner.

The Public Institution Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LIC) is a non-profit organisation, providing innovation support services to enterprises, research institutions, industry associations and business support organisations.  LIC provides public (free of charge) innovation support services and promotes innovation culture in Lithuania. Lithuanian Innovation Centre activities are organised on the project basis. LIC takes part in various tenders, calls for proposals announced by the European Union, other international organisations and Lithuanian Government. Activities are carried out and services provided after the applications are approved and financial support is ensured. Since 1996, LIC has carryied out more than 100 projects.


ViLim Ball is a handheld therapeutic device which temporarily reduce hand tremor, giving patients a relief of the symptoms for the time needed to perform ordinary-life tasks. The device’s working principles are based on vibrational therapy and it contains sensors to monitor tremor level and personalize the therapy, in order to maximize effectiveness. Furthermore, patient can use ViLimap mobile app for the tremor monitoring and disease management.

The device reduces hand tremor for a period up to 4 hours, and early validation shows a tremor reduction up to 50% for more than 80% of the patients.

After 10 minutes of therapy patients are able to eat or write easily, because their hands become less shaky. Next Version (launch 2021) will include a software for neurologists to provide diagnostic and disease management tool based on collected data.

SOFTNETA is an innovative IT company, that provides software based, specialized Medical Imaging and communication solutions to improve the quality of healthcare. We have 10+ years experience in: DICOM viewing, telemedicine, digitalization, video solutions for healthcare and PACS servers as well as integration with HIS / RIS systems.

SOFTNETA provides MedDream HTML5 zero-footprint DICOM Viewer, which is ready to integrate with PACS, HIS/RIS/EHS/EMR, Patients Portals and for Clouds. MedDream is a perfect solution for Software Vendors and OEM‘s with rebranding possibilities.

MedDream DICOM Viewer ensures prompt and reliable way to search, view, analyze and diagnose medical images, signals and video files from anywhere and on any devices. MedDream DICOM Viewer is FDA cleared for diagnostic use and CE class IIa certified medical device.


The public institution “Kaunas IN” is responsible for attracting international investments in Kaunas, promoting and supporting businesses here, responsible for incoming and local tourism in Kaunas and for international marketing development.

Promotion of new ideas and attention to the community of local startup businesses is one of the priorities of Kaunas city. Therefore, every year, the city allocates 100k EUR to enhance development programmes for different stages of start-ups and the community in general.

Kaunas startups programme aims to raise the level of entrepreneurship, provide necessary skills to launch and operate one’s business, provide acceleration for top-performing startups, consolidate different parts of the startup ecosystem, prepare startups for funding rounds and increase the attractiveness of Kaunas city as a destination for startups from other regions Lithuania and abroad

Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Kaunas STP) helps start-ups and already growing tech companies to increase transnational competitiveness, consults companies on business development issues, provides innovation support services, develops innovation community and fosters innovation culture in Kaunas region. As a member of Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) “Santaka” Kaunas STP stimulates science and business collaboration. At present it hosts more than 100 companies operating in the fields of IT, engineering, health technologies, social innovation, future energy, and sustainable chemistry. More than 100 professionals from Kaunas STP ICT cluster “Digital Rocket LT” are providing cutting-edge ICT services for local and international customers.



LINO (Lithuanian Research Development and Innovation Liaison Office) represents Lithuanian research interest within the European Union. The purpose of LINO is to promote and increase Lithuanian participation in international research projects. Since May 2017 with our office located in Brussels, we are participating in European networks that promote research interests and we collaborate with partners to promote Lithuanian research and research policy.

UAB GuruMA is the company focused on personalized co-shared Medical Affairs services bridging R&D and Commercial at Biopharma and Health Technology companies. Currently UAB GuruMA provides consultations on Medical Affairs process management, delivers Medical Writing services, reimbursement filing, carry-out Medical Affairs and Medical Market research in the Baltic States. Together with business partners, the company organizes the trainings for Medical Affairs professionals and the advises for non-EU companies on Medical marketing within EU.

Since the launch of the services in 2018 UAB GuruMA is the only company in the Baltic States purely focused on Medical Affairs.



METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners – Pre-eminent boutique offering a comprehensive service on the gamut of IP matters for more than 25 years locally and internationally. Especially active regarding the filing, prosecution, and opposition of patents, and trademark and copyright applications and registrations. Represents leading local and international clients from a wide range of sectors, including pharmaceutical, heavy equipment, media, hospitality, and luxury industries in Lithuania and abroad. A team of more than 40 IP professionals: attorneys, patent attorneys, PhDs, trademark and design consultants are serving clients in all kind of IP questions. METIDA is among TOP 10 filers of EU trademarks according to EUIPO statistics of 2018.


Enterprise Lithuania is a non-profit agency under Ministry of Economy and Innovation established to promote entrepreneurship, support business development and foster export. The team at Enterprise Lithuania is a reliable adviser and assistant for start, growth and export of national businesses with focus on SME’s. We are a recognized partner to numerous foreign business associations, chambers and governmental institutions as the first choice in Lithuania to start business, connect with potential partners, identify and explore business opportunities.



Vertigomed – an Italian company with extensive experience in development and production of rehabilitation and functional training devices. VERTIGOMED introduces the most innovative technologies for research and rehabilitation in the fields of neurology, otolaryngology, orthopedics, sports medicine. Products developed by Italian medical engineers that can help people at any stage of their lives: from athletes competing in top-level competitions to people who need to regain their lost mobility

Pharmacy Valerijonas is one of the oldest pharmacies operating in Lithuania. The history of pharmacy started back in 1870 and it has been successfully continuing to this day.

One of the main and successful activity – the production of organic skincare products, that Valerijonas pharmacists started in 2013 has been one of our most successful endeavors. The vast experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing enabled pharmacy to develop the first organic skincare products based on essential oils. Encouraged by customers and having assessed knowledge in cosmetic industry, pharmacists further developed and improved the composition of products by integrating a wider range of organic and eco-friendly ingredients. In 2015, pharmacists launched their natural and organic cosmetic product line called Razalija.

Five cosmetic products were created together with scientists from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.



The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (SPB) is an institution of the executive power of the Republic of Lithuania, a state budget institution that performs state legal protection of industrial property objects (inventions, designs, trademarks and semiconductor topographies) in Lithuania and the functions of the central industrial property office in the European Union (EUIPO) and European patent organization (EPO). The founder of the SPB is the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. Currently the State Patent Bureau is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.

The mission of the SPB is to grant exclusive rights to objects of industrial property and ensure protection of industrial property rights in the Republic of Lithuania, efficiency and improvement of the system of protection of industrial property objects.

SPB vision – accessible and value-generating industrial property.


We are happy to welcome you among one of the many companies representing the life sciences industry and getting to be involved in receiving the latest science and innovation insights.

First come, first served – a limited number of 40+ booths.

We are seeking industry partners and exhibitors to join us to take advantage of our innovation activities and audience engagement opportunities – offering a fruitful return on built partnerships and collaboration projects.

Health for All 2019 presents the perfect opportunity to network with new contacts and forge relations with key individuals in your field. You can engage with influencers and decision makers, meet inventors and industry partners and can take the opportunity to obtain feedback on your latest developments from those that matter. Above all, you will enjoy an inclusive environment blending this unique mix of scientists, academics, government bodies, innovators, manufacturers and professional services all with a common goal – at an event conducive to open face-to-face conversation.



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